In collaboration with, a decentralized options trading platform on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Solana

Course Objectives

  • Understand the basics of Options Trading, understand how it helps you as an individual in your trades and etc
  • Understand the critical differences between vanilla options, binary options, hybrid options, American Styled options European styled options
  • Analyze the difference between centralized options trading and decentralized options trading
  • Know the differences between how a Centralized Options Trading Platform (COTP) and a Decentralized Options Trading Platform (DOTP) works, the differences in their mechanisms, pros, and cons, etc.
  • Understand the different DOTPs out there and how each of them differs in terms of their product offering
  • Students will take steps to set up their Web3 wallet, understand critical mechanisms when it comes to trading on a DOTP
  • Students will experience executing a trade on a DOTP and witness for themselves how this aspect of DeFi works
  • Applications of the DOTP will be taught to the students, allowing them to efficiently use this tool to their advantage


  • Basic Understanding of Financial Spot Trading
  • Laptop with Zoom
  • 200 USD minimum in options trading resources (pls prep your own 200 USD worth of BNB, only students who are outside of crypto sphere can ask for assistance)


  • 2.5 Hours with short break of 15 minutes in between

Course Outline:

  • What is Options Trading
  • Types of Options Trading
  • Centralized Options Vs Decentralized Options
  • Centralized Options Trading platforms Vs Decentralized Options Trading Platforms
  • Examples of Decentralized Options platforms (DOTPs)
  • Setting up your DOTP
  • Hands-On Trading on the DOTP
  • DOTP Trading Strategies 

*Course outline is non-exhaustive and serves only as a reference. There may be updates made to the actual course content and flow based on learners’ requirements and feedback


Completely Free of charge

(However please prepare your own resources)

About Trainer

Japhet Lim is Blockchain Instructor for Fintech Academy and currently serves as Co-Founder and Star Trainer for Stock Trading for Reubiks Academy in the field of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. He is also the creator of the Reubiks R54 Stock Analytics System, a proprietary stock trading and investment system which has helped thousands of people around the world to find profitable stocks to invest in.  Japhet Lim is a certified instructor and has been certified by the World Blockchain Council and the Ivan-on-Tech Academy. Japhet Lim has also completed the London School of Economics course on “Cryptocurrency and Disruption”. Japhet Lim also serves as senior consultant to Wipitech, a leading Mobile App development company. Currently, Japhet Lim also currently serves as Head of Blockchain Development for Jigsaw Capital. 

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