How play-to-earn is revolutionizing gaming

Want to earn money while having fun? Check out our recent sharing on how you can play blockchain-based games and earn at the same time as well! 

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What is Axie Infinity? 

  • Axie Infinity is a NFT game founded in early 2018. It enables people to battle, breed and trade cute monsters called axies 
  • It is the top decentralized application (dapp) game on Ethereum blockchain 
  • Recently it has migrated to its blockchain called Ronin to circumvent the issue of high transaction fees on ETH blockchain 
  • Players can earn over 800 USD per month just by playing this game! 

What is an Axie scholar provider?

  • Someone who provides Axie “scholarship” to other people
  • To start playing Axie Infinity and earn tokens from battles, players need to own at least 3 axies. A team is at least USD 500 in total value, so people from less developed countries (LDCs) cannot afford and hence this “scholarship” thing came up 
  • Some people from LDCs play the game to earn a living in this pandemic
  • Scholars earn by the profit cut given by scholarship providers from tokens earned from playing the game
  • E.g. Scholar A earned 1000 SLP (in-game token awarded from battles) in June 2021, At the end of 2 weeks, scholarship provider transfer 60% of 1000 SLP (600 SLP) to the scholar’s wallet as payment and keep the remaining tokens (40%) earned by the scholar
  • This is a win-win relationship as you get a profit cut from providing scholarships as well while helping others. However, the opportunity cost is that you need to loan the 3 axies to the scholar

How to be an Axie scholar provider?

  1. Try out the game and get familiarised with it first
  • Set up your Metamask and Ronin Wallet and link them together on
  • Transfer Ethereum to your Ronin Wallet 
  • Choose and buy 3 Axies to make up your starter team
  • Start playing the game – battling, exploring breeding and the marketplace to familiarize with the game mechanics
  1. Stock up your supply of axies 
  • Buy from marketplace 
  • Breed your own axies (recommended way as it is cheaper in the long run although you need more time to learn how it works) 
  1. Provide scholarships to people 
  • Look for scholars from axie infinity’s official discord channel under #scholarships channel (
  • Create your own scholarship discord group so you can update and manage your scholars (there are a lot of helpful and talented scholars around who can help you to set things up if you ask)
  • Help to set up new login accounts and transfer 3 axies each per account for your scholars (The accounts need your blockchain wallets to transfer assets, it is ok to give scholars the account email login and password as they cannot transfer assets without access to your blockchain wallets) 
  • Come up with a profit sharing scheme: e.g. Whatever token earned from playing the game, 60/40 tokens split 

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