Course Overview

This course aims to introduce you to the exciting world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Learners will be guided to get on-board the blockchain and cryptocurrency space through hands-on activities and live demonstrations such as creating your own Bitcoin wallet, steps and requirements needed to register on a cryptocurrency exchange.  

Course Objectives

  • Understand how blockchain and cryptocurrency work
  • Explore the blockchain and cryptocurrency scene in Singapore and be aware of the latest updates and developments such as in the innovation and regulatory space 
  • Kickstart your journey in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space through hands-on activities and live demos such as creating a Bitcoin wallet and guide to registering an account on a cryptocurrency exchange 

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who is keen to jumpstart their journey in cryptocurrency & blockchain


Learners need to have at least 1 working laptop with internet connection. No credit or certification prerequisites required to take this course.

Course Duration

2 Days; 4 hours per day

Course Format

Live classes on Zoom

Course Outline

Introduction to blockchain and cryptocurrency 

  • What is cryptography?
  • What is blockchain? 
  • What is cryptocurrency? 
  • Introduction to the world’s top 2 cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin & Ethereum
  • Introduction to consensus mechanisms

What’s happening in Singapore? 

  • Current blockchain innovations and initiatives in Singapore
  • Singapore blockchain scene: Associations, job portals and trade groups to take note of 

How you can get started 

  • Setting up your own Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet on blockchain 
    • Hands-on activity: Step-by-step guide to creating your own Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet
  • Guide to purchasing your first cryptocurrency
    • How to sign up an account on a centralized exchange – general information needed for the registration process 
    • How to buy & sell crypto in Singapore  
  • Keeping your crypto assets safe: The importance of security 
  • Intro to crypto trading
    • Introduction to exchange trading interface – what is a trading book, what is market buy/sell, what is limit order 
  • Intro to staking
  • Intro to Defi

Exploring the future 

  • Current trends in the blockchain & crypto industry
  • Barriers to adoption 
  • Future outlook for cryptocurrency and blockchain 

    *Course outline is non-exhaustive and serves only as a reference. There may be updates made to the actual course content and flow based on learners’ requirements and feedback

Next batch intake schedule
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SGD 168 per pax

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