Course Objectives

  • Learn the basics of Decentralized Finance
  • Earn passive income with hands-on activities on DeFi platforms


  • Basic understanding of blockchain
  • Laptop with Zoom
  • S$500 minimum in farming resources (We’ll collect this from students upfront and send it to their MetaMask wallets during class as part of their learning experience) 


  • 2 days (4hr/day)

Course Outline

  • A Primer on DeFi
    • How a Blockchain Works
    • Ether and Gas Fees
    • Reading Etherscan
    • Smart Contracts
  • The DeFi Disruption
    • The Need for Decentralization
    • Advantages over TradFi
    • Use Cases of DeFi 
      • Loans & Money Markets
      • On-Chain Exchanges
      • Stablecoins
  • Hands-on Activity 1: Setting Up Your MetaMask
    • How a Wallet Works
      • Seed Phrase & Private Key
      • Public Address
      • Finding Your Wallet on Etherscan / other blockchain explorer
    • Depositing Your Stablecoins
      • Sending & Receiving Funds
  • Intro to Yield Farming
    • What DeFi Platforms Do
    • The Growth in TVL
    • DeFi APY vs Bank Interest Rates
  • Hands-on Activity 2: Earn a Double Digit APY
    • Connecting Wallet to Platform
    • Using MetaMask
      • Signing Transactions
      • Paying Gas
      • Approve Spending
      • Checking Etherscan / other blockchain explorer
  • Risks of DeFi
  • Red Flags to Avoid
    • Unaudited Smart Contracts
    • Anonymous Teams
    • Excessively High APY
  • What’s Next for You
    • Depositing More Assets
    • Complex Ideas (Eg, How to Use a DEX)
    • Further Information
      • Podcasts, Blogs, Twitter Accounts

*Course outline is non-exhaustive and serves only as a reference. There may be updates made to the actual course content and flow based on learners’ requirements and feedback

SGD 200 per pax

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