Singapore, with its open economy and position as a thriving fintech hub can be considered as one of the most blockchain-friendly cities in the world.

Many blockchain and cryptocurrencies firms have chosen Singapore to be their headquarter or regional hub.

The blockchain industry has also seen strong support from the Singapore government, with agencies such as IMDA pushing for the growth and acceleration of the Singapore blockchain landscape.

Here are some examples of blockchain initiatives currently in Singapore:

MAS Project Ubin

  • Collaborative effort by MAS and industry players to explore utility of blockchain for cross border payment and beyond

Educational certificates on

  • Your GCE O, A level certs are stored on opencert, can login to your skillsfuture account to check it out
  • NTUC LHUB courses e-certs are issued via opencert as well, if you attended our blockchain courses, you would have received them!

Supply chain on the blockchain enabling

  • Fruits like durians are tagged on the blockchain – e.g. If you buy durians from the company, the fruits will come with a QR code which you can scan and trace the provenance (origin) of the durians

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